Monday, 9 January 2012

2012 Year of the Hair!

Ciao bellas!!! and a very happy 2012 for everyone.!!!!Welcome to Megahairexclusive blog where you will be updated with the latest styles from celebrity trends. Red carpet hair and Hollywood hair exclusives. To holiday hair styles and tips from our exclusive celebrity stylists.

lets start with a very popular trend from last year thats is sure to be a hit again this year as it just looks so cool. Omber hair
Omber coloured hair is where the hair goes from dark to light giving the effect of grown out colour.

This style works perfect with extensions as you only need to lightern the tipps of the hair or darken the roots
This is the type of hair I used for this look natural brown Russian hair you can purchase from our site at used 3 bunches for this look. We also have pre ombre hair on site to purchase now!!!just select the ombre colour option on any of our hair products remember if you prefer my look choose a natural colour 4 and select omber color.
I did this myself using the opposite way I used light Russian hair extensions and darkened the roots it gives a totally different effect with is more subtle also as no ammonia is used the hair keeps its gloss and shine as oppose to bleaching the hair which can cause it to become dry and brittle.
Or do it yourself at home!! Subscribe to our youtube chanel megahairexclusive for a full tutorial on how to ombre colour your hair extensions without using bleach. Try something New for this Spring summer season.


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  2. Thanks John is your hair double or single drawn?